E' uscita la traduzione italiana di un mio saggio/rassegna sul tema "protezione ed estorsione". Questo e' il link al sito internet: articolo

Qui sotto, il PDF della versione a stampa.

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This summer I have worked with Anja Shortland, an economist at Brunel, on a paper on Somali piracy. Anja is one of the foremost experts on the topic and has published fascinating work in this area.

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A widespread belief among scholars of organized crime is that contemporary organized crime groups intentionally take advantage of globalization by opening outposts in faraway territories. In turn, such groups supposedly have developed a non-traditional, flat internal structure lacking ‘centres of gravity’. This article puts such a belief to test.

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"Few books on organized crime blend academic theory and popular interest as well as this book...[T]his is an excellent study." 


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