L’omicidio di Anna Politkovskaja nella Russia di Putin

Federico Varese   

“Lo straniero” n. 77, 2006

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BELFAGOR, ANNO LI, 302, 31 MARZO 1996, pp. 169-186.

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‘Is Sicily the Future of Russia? Private Protection and the Emergence of the Russian Mafia’, Archives Européennes de Sociologie 35:2, pp. 224-258.Reprinted in:

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Pervasive Corruption, In A Ledeneva and M Kurkchiyan (eds.), Economic Crime in Russia. London, Kluwer. Law International, 2000, pp. 99-111.

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"Few books on organized crime blend academic theory and popular interest as well as this book...[T]his is an excellent study." 


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