Corleone local government dissolved due to mafia infiltration. The Guardiian 11.08.2016

I have beeen interviewed in The Guardian by Stephanie Kirchgaessner

for a story on the disssolution of Corleone City Council.

“The move to dissolve the council tells us that the problem has not gone away, despite all the talk that the Cosa Nostra’s Calabrian cousins are the most important element in organised crime,” said Federico Varese, a professor of criminology at Oxford University.

Varese said the dissolution of the Corleone municipal government – a serious move by the national government, tantamount to the suspension of normal democratic practices – proved that the Cosa Nostra still had a firm grip on local politics and public contracts.While more than 200 city governments have been dissolved since 1991, this week’s move marked the first time Corleone’s council has been disbanded.

Experts such as Varese said Rome should be commended for taking action, but he added that he did not expect the move to be particularly effective. Disbanding local councils was a way to single out alleged criminality in the political class, he said, but it did not root out corruption among ordinary bureaucrats who are connected to organised crime, wield tremendous influence and maintain their jobs.

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"Un'analisi profonda"

Roberto Saviano, Repubblica

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