World Bank Report on Piracy in Somialia published

The World bank Report on Piracy in Somalia was published yesterday. This is a very important study. A key author is my collaborator Dr Anja Shortland.

The report endorses a policy shift that Anja and I have advocated in our 2012 paper on Somali piracy, namely from the perpetrators of piracy to the enablers of piracy. See below from the official press release:  

"Because of the high cost of these counter-measures, in the long run they may simply be unsustainable,” says report lead author Quy-Toan Do, a senior economist in the World Bank’s research department and the World Bank’s Vice Presidency for Africa. “Given how piracy off the Horn of Africa depends so heavily on onshore operations to sustain itself, any long-term solution therefore will involve forging a political contract with local power holders—a shift in attention, in other words, from the perpetrators to the enablers of piracy.” 

Today the Report has featured in The Wall Street Journal, Agence France Presse; Economic Times, Daily Star, Middle East Online, Global Post, Reuters News, Chicago Tribune, The Star Online, The Irish Times, The Economist Baobab Blog, Xinhua News Agency, All Africa, VOA News, Le Monde, Agence France Presse, Africa Review, The Wall Street Journal – Germany.

"Un'analisi profonda"

Roberto Saviano, Repubblica

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