International Conference on Asian Organized Crime (Hong Kong, May 2-3, 2013)

you might be interested in the "International Conference on Asian Organized Crime"

Organized by the City University of Hong Kong and the Australian National University. It will take place at the City University of Hong Kong, May 2-4, 2013.  

World Bank Report on Piracy in Somialia published

The World bank Report on Piracy in Somalia was published yesterday. This is a very important study. A key author is my collaborator Dr Anja Shortland.

The report endorses a policy shift that Anja and I have advocated in our 2012 paper on Somali piracy, namely from the perpetrators of piracy to the enablers of piracy. See below from the official press release:  


"Un'analisi profonda"

Roberto Saviano, Repubblica

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