Statement as at 1 July 2016

Federico Varese - Statement as at 1 July 2016. In my interventions, I raised the question of whether Universities and supervisors such as myself should feel a degree of responsibility for what happens to their students carrying out dangerous field work. I went on to suggest that the current system of risk assessment might need to be reconsidered. Let me now clarify that in no way did I intend to place personal blame on Giulio's supervisors at Cambridge for his tragic death, or hold them culpable. Clearly, responsibility for his death stays with those who killed him.

taly seeks to reassure Asian tourists with imported Chinese police. The Guardian, 04.05.16

Italy seeks to reassure Asian tourists with imported Chinese police

Government hopes patrols by Chinese officers in Rome and Milan will help wealthy visitors feel ‘more protected’

Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome

Wednesday 4 May 2016 16.55 BST


"Un'analisi profonda"

Roberto Saviano, Repubblica

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