Mafias on the Move

Organized crime is spreading like a global virus...As Federico Varese explains...the truth is more complicated. Varese argues that mafiosi often find themselves abroad against their will, rather than through a strategic plan to colonize new territories.

Based on ground-breaking field work and filled with dramatic stories, this book is both a compelling read and a sober assessment of the risks posed by globalization and immigration for the spread of mafias. 

Mafias on the Move book cover

The Russian Mafia

What is the Russian Mafia? This unique book, the product of a ten-year immersion in the world of post-Soviet crime, charts the emergence of the Russian Mafia from the vory-v-zakone to the transition to a market economy, the privatization process and pervasive corruption. The ability of the Russian State to protect people and properties is compared to the services offered by fragments of the state apparatus, private security firms, ethnic crime groups, and the Mafia.

The Russian Mafia book cover

Reviews of Mafias on the Move

"Varese is one of the most acute students of global organised crime and a gripping storyteller."

Misha Glenny, London Review of Books

Reviews of The Russian Mafia

"L’ouvrage de Federico Varese est l’une des toutes premières études systématiques de la mafia en Russie, qui dépasse avec succès le stade du descriptif, voire simplement de l’anecdotique. C’est un livre important quant à l’économie politique des transactions dans un système faiblement institutionnalisé et l’auteur réussit à rendre un texte dense et fortement structure théoriquement aussi lisible qu’un bon roman policier."

Jacques Sapir Cahiers du monde russe

"Varese is a leader of the younger generation of scholars taking on the important issues in the difficult study of organized crime."

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale University

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