Will China’s Wildlife-Consumption Ban Work? Mar 25, 2020 FEDERICO VARESE , REBECCA W.Y. WONG

As part of its broader response to the COVID-19 pandemic, China has banned the consumption of wild animals, which should help to prevent the cross-species transmission of novel viruses in the future. But is the government willing to make the ban stick by enforcing it properly?

With Prof Rebecca Wong (City University, Hong Kong and Oxford D.Phil.), I have written a piece on this issue for Project Syndicate. You can find it here.

The op-ed we wrote for Project Syndicate has been republished in a number of newspapers around the word, including Khaleej Times (UAE) 26/03/2020; The Daily Star (Lebanon) 26/03/2020; Chine Magazine (France) 26.03.2020; Segodnya (Russia), 29.03.2020; PrivateWall Magazine (US and Mexico) 29.03.2020; Gulf Times (Qatar) 31.03.2020; Les Temps (Switzerland) 27.04.2020; Eurofunds research (Germany), 27.04.2020;

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