21st Century Mafia: How the ’Ndrangheta became the scourge of Italy… and beyond, by Ed Vulliamy, The New European, 02.12.2021

Federico Varese is interviewed by Ed Vulliamy here.

Professor Varese says: “The idea that the ’Ndrangheta doesn’t kill is clearly awry. 

“The Mafia has to kill, that is their business. They do try to keep violence at a low level, especially outside their own territory. 

“But the threat of violence is always there, it’s just a question of using it wisely. No one wants internal wars or to kill prosecutors if this can be avoided. Usually, violence is a sign of failure or weakness.”

The ’Ndgangheta’s organisation around blood ties has made it almost impenetrable until now. Professor Varese says: “The fact that a senior boss testifies against his uncle … that’s breaking the family’s omertà. 

“Something new is happening in the criminal galaxy that goes by the name of ’Ndrangheta,” he continues. “Historically, this was the Mafia with the fewest pentiti. But today the silence is beginning to crack even in the families of ’Ndrangheta.”

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