The Maxi Trail in Lamezia Terme against the `ndrangheta. Interviews, 01.2021

I have given a number of interviews on the maxi-trial against the Mancuso Trail that has started in Lamezia Terme in January. Most notably, I have spoken to Alexandria SAGE from the French news agency AFP. The link is here.

My remarks have also appeared in:

Le Figaro, 11.01.2021;

France24, 11.01.2021;

The Daily Mail, 11.01.2021;

The Sun, 11.01.2021;

Japan Times, 11.01.2021;

Journal de Montreal, 11.01.2021;

Clarin, 11.01.2021;

The Local, 11.01.2021;

Ispiredtraveler, 11.01.2021;

EminetraNewZeland, 11.01.2021;

Global Times, 11.01.2021;

24MatinsUK, 11.01.2021;

AgerPress, 11.01.2021;

Barron’s, 12.01.2021;

Le Monde, 13.01.2021;

The BBC News, 13.01.2021;

Aljazeera, 13.01.2021;

 The Bangkok Post, 13.01.2021;  

The Irish Journal, 13.01.2021;

Euronews, 13.01.2021;

TaiwanNews, 13.01.2021;

Unilad, 13.01.2021;

RTE, 13.01.2021;

BruneiNews, 13.01.2021;

YahooNews, 13.01.2021;

RTL, 13.01.2021;

The Digital Joural, 13.01.2021;

Chinadaily, 14.01.2021;

TheNewsTribe, 14.01.2021;

The London Post, 14.01.2021;

Vanity Fair, 10.02.2021;

and others!

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